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NIC organizes your network based on the types of organizations in your downline.

Network filters make it easy to segment your network.​

Filters include:

  • Distributor: select a Distributor partner to view their downline. (Sales Managers, Offices, Agents, etc.)

  • Invitation Status: select to view which of your Agents, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, etc are on NIC and which ones are not

  • Contact Level: select to view the business units in your downline (Agents, Offices, Sales Managers, etc)

  • Policy Count: select to view the business units in your downline with a certain policy count

  • Client Count: select to view the business units in your downline with a certain client count

  • Annual Premium: select to view the business units in your downline with a certain annual premium

  • State: select to view the business units in your doownline with a certain state. 

Column headers enable you to sort the values in ascending and descending order. 


Navigate  Your Partner Network

Staying on top of your Distributor partner and Agents, and knowing the composition of their respective businesses is a near impossible task.

NIC's Network Explorer makes it easy to locate and sort through all of your Distributor partners and their downlines and instantly access important information about each of them.



In addition to using filters, you can also use the Network search. Network search enables you to search for any business unit by first name, last name, location and type.

  • On the Search line enter the Distributor name or Agent name (instead of searching by name you can enter the state name or search by contact level i.e. advisor, office, sales manager, etc)

  • As you type, the results are already displaying on the page

  • Use the headers to sort your results in ascending or descending order

  • Click on the Settings icon to hide or view more columns




You can select an individual business unit to view the unit's profile.  

The business unit profile displays contact information and provides access to several features including:  

  • Business Unit Profile

  • Book of Business Overview

  • Insights

  • Sales Trends

  • In force Policies (Explore)

  • Documents

  • Firms or Agents Profile Cards (if there are any additional downlines)

C-sales manager.png


You can segment the business units using multiple criteria and organize them into lists. 


Use the Filters to segment your business units.

Example: View all OG Insurance Sales Managers with a client count between 10 and 50.

  • From the Distributor filter select O.G. Insurance

  • From the Contact Level filter select Sales Managers

  • From the Client Count filter select 10 to 50

The results are displaying as you are selecting different filters. 


C-Network Segmentation.png

Once you have identified your Sales Managers, you can now organize them into lists.


  • From the Search results page select all Sales Managers by checking off the checkbox in the header line. (When the blue box appears, make sure you click on Select all xxx records) 

  • Click on Add to list

C-Network-Add to list.png
  • Enter your list name

  • Click on Proceed

C-Network-Save List.png

Once you have your list created, you can download the list into a .csv format, which can be imported into 3rd party marketing tools. 


  • From the left nav, click on the Lists link. 

  • Find your list and click on the name

  • From the List Details page, click on Download full list

C-Network View List.png
network csv.png
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