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Policy Service Integrations

One of NIC's primary objectives is to digitize and automate policy services for Carriers, Distributors and Agents, making it easier to do business while saving all stakeholders time, money and frustration.

NIC provides Distributors and Agents with a single location to access all of their in force policy data, positioning NIC as a logical gateway to integrate with multiple Carrier tools and services. There are multiple types of Carrier policy services that can be initiated from or integrated into the NIC Platform. 

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New Business

Policy Changes

In Force Illustrations

NIC can push in force data, data insights, sales opportunities and policy notifications to Salesforce or other CRM systems

Enables Distributors and Agents to access Carrier quotes, e-apps and drop ticket systems for renewals, conversions and cross-sell opportunities generated by NIC

Making tools and services more accessible will increase adoption and usage

Enables Distributors and Agents to access Carrier systems (via NIC) to run in force illustrations

Policy Services Integration Types

Policy Changes 

  • Enable NIC users to initiate a policy change (e.g., address change) from NIC and pass the change directly to the Carrier, OR

  • Integrate directly to the Carrier Policy Change services website and enable NIC users to make the change on the Carrier site



  • Push Carrier policy notifications to NIC and leverage the NIC Platform to send an email and in-app notifications to NIC users


In Force Illustrations

  • Enable NIC users to initiate an in force illustration request

  • Enable NIC users to run an in force illustration and save a copy of the illustration on NIC (Client Documents folder)


Agent Website Single-Sign-On (SSO)

  • Enable NIC users to access Carrier Agent website content, tools and services directly from the NIC Platform

  • NIC will embed website links and/or facilitate SSO into Carrier websites



  • E-deliver in force policy documents (e.g. annual billing statements) directly to NIC making them accessible for NIC users

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