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The ENGAGE program provides Carriers with tools to create highly targeted, data-driven sales and marketing programs to assist Distributors and Agents to drive new premiums. The program also enables firms to create custom insights to identify Carrier's product-specific opportunities.


Distributor & Agent Engagement

Targeted Marketing & Communications

Policy Event Management & Monitoring

Carrier Custom Insights

  • New digital channel to engage Distributors Sales Managers and Agents by sharing data-driven sales opportunities

  • Direct messaging, broadcast messaging, chat and document sharing with Distributors and Agents

  • Highly targeted, data-driven communications programs to share sales opportunities, documents and messages with Distributors, and Agents

  • Tools to monitor policies for changes and important events

  • Carrier insights to support Carrier specific products and insight rules (e.g., recommended conversion solutions, missing riders)

Engage Program Features for Carriers

The ENGAGE program enables Carriers to share sales opportunities with their Distributor Sales Managers, to engage their Distribution partners online and to more easily manage their in force book.

Sales & Service Opportunity Sharing
  • Carrier data mining to generate sales and service opportunities​

  • Sales & Service opportunity sharing with Distributor Sales Teams

  • E-mail and in-app notifications for all shared sales opportunities

Broadcast Messaging
  • Broadcast (one-to-many) messages with Distributor Sales Teams

  • E-mail and in-app notifications of new messages

Direct Messaging

Direct (one-to-one) messages/ chat with Distributor Sales Teams as well as Agents & their staff

Policy Watch
  • Policy change tracking and reminders  

  • Email & In-app Reminders

Document Sharing
Group Chat
  • Targeted document sharing 

  • E-mail and in-app notifications for all documents

Group (many-to-many) messages/chat

Policy Change Notifications
  • Event or date-based policy notifications

  • Email & in-app reminders

Communication Notifications

Event targeted notifications to notify Distributors and Agents regarding new messages, sales opportunities and documents

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